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All our Clogs and Sandals is Handmade in one of the only Clogs Factories left in Denmark.

          Every piece is Handcrafted which makes every pair unique and exclusively made for you.
                We use the Highest Quality Materials, Handmade Aspen wood Soles from Austria , Fabrics from The US in Real Military Camouflages or Pendleton Wool fabrics from Portland, Oregon.
                    Every MAGNAFIED product is only made-to-order in limited numbers, no mass production, waist or sale.
                    • SANDSTORM Are made with authentic PenCott camouflage pattern fabric. The complex and innovative PenCott camouflage patterns were developed by Dominic Hyde and named after two British camouflage pioneers of the 1940's - Sir Roland Penrose (a pacifist and surrealist painter) and Dr. Hugh Cott (a photographer and scientific illustrator). SANDSTORM) was designed for arid, scrubland, barren and desert terrain.
                      • Finest Austrian Knot free Lightweighted Aspen Wood Soles
                        • 100% Cordura Nylon fabric with durable water Repellent Finish
                          • Durable Rubber sole with Bendable Toe feature for Extreme Comfort
                            • Soft Breathable inner Lining
                              • The Clogs won´t make a clonk when you walk , it is simple silent and cool.
                              • If you are a Size between 8 or 9 US / 38-39 Go for size 9 US (39) for MAGNAFIED Clogs&Sandals.
                                Please note that when ordering MAGNAFIED sandal, you're ordering a unique handmade-to-order product. Every stitch, every staple, every base is assembled by our factory team, specifically for