Embla Clogs | White MagnafiedCamo

Hand-cut and hand-printed MagnafiedCamo in white on grey fleece - Made in U.S.A.
Sole: features the finest Austrian Aspen Lightweight Wood, & Natural Rubber with a Flexible Toe Feature that Gives you an Extreme Comfort
Eco-Friendly and recyclable  
Handmade in Denmark
Women's Size Guide:

US / Inches :                         EU / cm:
5/9"                                        35/22,9cm
6/9,25"                                   36/23,5cm
7/9,56"                                   37/24,3cm
8/9,76"                                   38/24,8cm
9/10"                                      39/25,5cm
10/10,31"                               40/26,2cm
11/10,51"                               41/26,7cm

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