There are many benefits to wearing MAGNAFIED clogs. Our wooden soles are made of the finest Aspen wood from Austria. By law they must plant two new trees for every tree harvested. The soles are natural, breathable, and have an organic connection to the earth’s energy, similar to the feeling of walking barefoot.

Wearing clogs helps you to stand straight and allows for an upright posture that is beneficial for your back. Doctors, nurses and restaurant workers often wear clogs, that's because they can stay standing for hours with minimal discomfort, as the firm wooden soles keep the feet from compressing and helps the body to stay aligned and upright while standing and walking.

Our Clogs also offer superior strength and durability - they simply last much longer than average footwear. Most sneakers can be worn for maybe one season and the environmental waste from their manufacture is enormous. The initial investment seems reasonable at the moment of purchase but over time the money and waste quickly adds up.

Perfect for winters, wood is a great insulator and can help stop body heat from escaping through the feet - this makes clogs ideal year-round footwear.


Magnafied clogs are perfect for contouring the feet and are orthopedically designed to fit, this results in comfort and helps stop foot deformation and pain when wearing shoes for a long time.

They are also easy to put on and take off, allowing bare feet to touch the earth more often.

With no laces clogs do not press down on top on the instep as regular shoes do.

The wooden soles absorb perspiration which helps eliminate foot odors.

Our Clogs are lightweight and durable so your feet will not suffer stress and fatigue from a heavy shoe.

And last but not least, our Clogs and Sandals materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.