We had no intentions of doing Clogs, we would never have thought about this if it wasn't for the fact that we moved our studio to the countryside outside of Copenhagen and was out racing our bikes, and was literally falling off the bike when we saw an untouched factory from the 70s in the middle of nowhere. We kicked the door in and asked if the factory was for sale, how cool could it be to own your own production and be in a environment with production freedom... The owner of the factory, the only man there, standing by his old machines working turned to us and said that buying his factory would be a very bad idea as there's no money in making clogs. We said, ok so why don´t we do a partnership - we come with our ideas, you put your fine handcraft into it and that was just about it..., easy. It took us some time to think how we could do a cool modern clog.., not that easy.

We've always been fascinated by original camouflage so we went to the real camo manufactures in the USA. After a few battles with the Americans to get hold of a couple of yards, we finally had our selection of camouflage and the production challenges could for real begin .. Among a lot of things, the fabrics, so tough and durable made for military use, would not glue to the leather so we had to send the materials down to a glue lab in Munich, Germany and the glue experts could only find one glue for us, the one used by Ferrari for Formel1, yes that's true. Almost 2 years of development has now gone, we believed in the project even though it looked almost impossible at times, to make it exactly as we wanted. We've made everything from scratch, developing new lists with the perfect shape in Portugal, finding fabrics from all over the USA, to the right sewing, glue etc. We're using quality soles handmade in Austria and great handcraft by our danish factory team and here we are today with a cool urban clog and it is cool and highly comfortable, it's MAGNAFIED.

All of the clogs ordered through MAGNAFIED.COM are handmade-to-order, which means when you're ordering your MAGNAFIED clogs, that one pair is made just for you. Every stitch, every staple, every base is assembled by our factory team, this process not only makes each clog unique, but it’s also why our shoes can take up to 14 days to arrive at your door step. Each clog are individually approved before shipping.

Each MAGNAFIED clog is not only handmade, all fabrics/materials are handpicked for their originality and quality. Certain variations may occur in the colors, textures and patterns of the materials, especially in the camouflage. This is not a defect, but rather the sign of a unique handcrafted product and unique piece of fabric. 

As you wear your clogs, it will soften, stretch and mold to your feet and with the upper sole made out of lightweight Aspen wood and lower sole made of durable rubber with a bendable toe feature, this is high comfort of a modern day clog. It is lightweight, silent, it dosn`t clunk as a traditional clog when you walk the streets - it is as comfortable as your tennisshoes.

MAGNAFIED Don´t be afraid to innovate.