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Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014 by Magnus Carstensen & Antonia Bang-Wolff.

MAGNAFIED was created as a foundation for our ideas to develop and for our creativity to live at large, everything we do is a fragment of MAGNAFIED, falling under the same large umbrella "certified" to be MAGNAFIED. We are driven by our uncompromising pursuit of quality, history, and originality in everything we do. We create what we feel like, inspired by music, fabrics, history, our own lifestyle and what basically comes to mind.

We do things in an untraditional way compared to the established fashion industry - we do not practice tradeshows, collections, runways, seasons or sales - we create from day to day and navigate in our own way. 

Our products are proudly made by us and in collaboration with like-minded in countries, mills and factories with tradition, expertise and history, and discovered and handpicked from dead-stocks around the World.

The MAGNAFIED Velcro Name Tape is our Signature -  Made in U.S.A. as original as it gets. Velcro and real Camouflage, this is legit, made for the american military and MAGNAFIED.

Everything we design and print we do in-house, under the MAGNAFIED roof. It’s all hand-printed.

Our “READYMADE” products is POWERED by MAGNAFIED. It’s deadstock pieces mainly found in parts of Europe and U.S.A. Never used, still in original packaging, some pieces dating back to the 50’s. What we consider real treasures. We upcycle these pieces and make them “MAGNAFIED”.

Every single MAGNAFIED product has been through our hands and has a story to tell. Our things are made-to-order, in very limited numbers, some limited to only 1 of a kind.