7 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Sandals




All our sandals are made-to-order, this means that we start the production almost immediately after you order a pair.

We continuously develop unique combinations of fabric and models, so each of our collections and each of our designs only exist in a very limited edition.

It makes the pair that you order quite unique and exclusively yours.

This is how we want to buy footwear ourselves and we love the feeling that every single pair of our shoes is something special.

Here is a few, which one speaks to you?



The Magnafied footbed is made with a unique combination of materials that cause the sandals to literally mold to your feet, providing you with amazing support.

Our customers often have a busy lifestyle, and therefore it was important for us to develop a sandal that not only looked incredible, but also made your feet feel incredible all day long.

The secret behind the perfect fit lies in the materials.

By making the footbeds for our sandals out of resilient cork and latex, the natural warmth from your body, will yield the footbed to the characteristics of your feet – giving you the perfect fit over time!

The result is improved posture and balance for greater comfort when you walk.



We value good craftsmanship, honest materials, innovative solutions and functionality reflected in aesthetic expressions.

Our design approach is based on the concepts that characterize Danish design and our sandals are therefore often beloved for its simplicity, function, and connection to the natural world.

We believe that good design should support and improve our everyday life, and every single design we make is therefore an expression of what we want to wear ourselves.

We do not believe in fashion - we believe in personality.



Our factory in Denmark acts as our research lab - here we develop and make the impossible possible, when bringing our ideas from visions into Magnafied shoes.

Our workers all holds generations of handcrafting skills, deep experience and love for making quality footwear.

In cooperation with our wonderful team we develop new production methods and continuously strive to push the manufacturing limits, creating innovative designs.

The Magnafied sewing machine is developed with Pfaff of Germany, especially made for stitching our fabric edges, which makes it possible for us to use both selected and our own hand-printed fabrics.

This is part of what makes it possible to make every one of our shoes unique.



We insist on using only fabrics that have a history and are produced by advanced mills in Europe, Japan and USA.

Our wool-fabric is carefully selected from the traditional American company Pendleton Woolen Mills, with patterns based on Native American motifs and re-designed by Pendleton.

Every MagnafiedCamo fabric is unique, almost like a piece of art.

Our camouflage-fabric is manufactured by MultiCam & Pencott, based on patterns designed back in the 1940´s by the British artist and pacifist Sir Roland Penrose and by Zoologist Dr. Hugh B. Cott.

We hand cut the MagnafiedCamo pattern ourselves, piece by piece, and gently place it into a pattern on the selected fabric, this means that no clogs or sandals in this fabric will ever look exactly the same.



We believe that our ability to move freely and with ease is an important part of a happy life. Walking is not only healthy for our mind, body and soul - it can even improve our sleep.

Our modern bio-cork sandals with a super soft footbed in genuine leather are natural, breathable, and have an organic connection to the earth, similar to the feeling of walking barefoot on the beach.

It helps your body to stay aligned and upright, a posture that is beneficial for your back, which makes you able to stand or walk for hours with minimal discomfort.

We believe that healthy feet makes for a happier life.



Everything made by Magnafied is produced on a made-to-order basis, which greatly minimizes our waste, and therefore reduces the footprint on our planet.

Our wooden soles are made of the finest Aspen from Austria where two new trees 🌲🌲 are planted for every tree 🌲 harvested.

Environmental footwear for a cleaner conscience.

In our production line we use a Ferrari glue which is a non-toxic glue, and in the production of our MagnafiedCamo, we use a German foil, which is made out of an eco-friendly material.

Lastly, our design strategy is planned in such a way that our collections are inspired by the vintage or deadstock fabrics we collect and hand-pick from around the globe.

By making use of already produced fabrics, we save production energy and resources, which makes us able to produce environmental footwear, that you can enjoy and wear with a clean conscience.

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Andrea Linett
Auther & style blogger

Incredible clogs from new Danish brand Magnafied. Seriously have not worn another shoe since I opened that box.

Bruce Pask
Men's Fashion Director
Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus

Quite an original idea ... the next generation Croc or Birkenstock?

Tyler Brûlé

They're brilliant!