MAGNAFIED Clogs and Sandals are handmade in Denmark. We use unique, limited, quality fabrics on the uppers for a cool and different look, some of it is vintage or dead stock fabrics that we find in places like Los Angeles, East Germany, Denmark and Japan. Dead stock means it has been in stock, untouched for a long time. We search, find, hand-pick and use these special fabrics, this minimize pollution instead of making new fabrics and is a super sustainable way of doing things. We have developed a formula to attach these fabrics to the leather and it's sewn on with thorough care for details and comfort. Every single pair is handmade, the unique fabrics can spread from original Camouflage, Canvas Pendleton Woolen Mills, Cohen Mills Denim, Japanese dyed Indigo Cotton, CYC canadian quality cotton knit, all made on legendary, skilled quality Mills from Europe, USA and Japan. 

Our Clogs are made-to-order, it means we start production immediately for you when you order, this reduces unnecessary stock and eventually sale/waste and that's very good for the environment.




Danish HQ on the Northern countryside outside Copenhagen.