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Posted on February 02 2016

I started woodwood with Biv and Karl in 2002. These two persons have been a great inspiration to me, two skilled persons that I knew 10 yrs before woodwood that I would start business with - that is true I have witnesses on this statement. It has been like a marriage, eating, shitting woodwood 24-7. Our first store in Krystalgade 4 I remember as an exciting time, we were selling T-shirts, Caps, Magazines, Toys customers always ask what is the concept here is it a clothing store or what? No Concept.. it was fresh and innovating not something seen before,  I knew from day one that woodwood would become a success no doubt. Many fun years that have made my path into new projects. I left in 2008 from one minute to the other and have never looked back, it's like leaving your child that you are not going to see grow and develop again ever. Maybe that child is still beautiful and healthy today I have no idea??


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